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Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell

Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell

HHM’s prior site was attractive enough but was lacking where it matters most: getting found through search. It’s one thing to get traffic from users searching on your company’s name, but that will happen for the worst-performing sites. The real trick is getting traffic from users who are interested in services you offer but who don’t know you’re what they’re looking for.

With the goal of increasing traffic from users looking for area attorneys with their particular specialties, HHM partnered with Tyler Clark Consulting to create a new site. The look is conservative and straightforward. The power comes from the site’s structure and breadth of content. Having published a series of articles for the Business Journal, this content was repurposed into a legal blog that will continue to add fresh entries in response to important legal news or updates.

Individual pages for each legal practice area were enhanced with proper headings and cross-links to attorney practice chairs. The home page provides an overview of the latest news, the most recent newsletter and random samplings from practice areas and from the firm’s history. The full attorney list is a bit more personal now that it features thumbnail headshots of each attorney.

As the site is integrated with an open-source content-management system, HHM enjoys license-free site management, distributed logins for all users who want to contribute content, role-based permissions to allow editing according to need and easy, in-house content updating. But most importantly, the content that is added will be found by new clients.

After working with the firm to correctly configure the Google Local listing, HHM now (as of this writing) appears in the five results for youngstown ohio law firms.

Recent Projects

October 13, 2012
The Summit FM

Have you ever been driving and listening to the radio and thought to yourself, “I know this song. Who sings it?” But you had to run into your dentist appointment before you could hear the details. On the new website for Akron’s The Summit, a listener-supported, commercial-free station with great music, you can view a
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The Business Journal
January 20, 2012
The Business Journal

The new, Drupal-powered Business Journal site serves thousands of readers daily, offering several ways to view the area’s business news, featuring specialized landing pages of news devoted to specific categories and graphics-rich lists of late-breaking and feature stories. The layout is focused around the Journal’s video-based news delivery, and the site delivers clean results for
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Visit Mahoning County
September 7, 2011

The Mahoning County Convention and Visitors Bureau created the YoungstownLive.com brand to attract overnight visitors to the county by marketing packages of area attractions and events. The new site, launched in 2011, features a robust, searchable directory of area attractions, activities, shopping, lodging and dining. Each resource can include a gallery of photos and in-depth
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December 20, 2010
One Voice: Eastern Ohio P-16

One Voice: Eastern Ohio P-16 Partnership for Education came to us with a lackluster site and the need for a more compelling and dynamic site. We designed and implemented the new look, and created dynamic lists for calendar events, news releases and blog posts.

Covelli Enterprises splash page
October 21, 2010
Covelli Enterprises

Local Panera cafes now have personalized pages for each individual market, greater awareness of promotions for customers and over 10,000 email signups to send offers to. We collaborated with Covelli’s in-house marketing team to craft the solution.