Profit from technology


Ready to get social?

Get a leg up with any or all of these quick SharePack projects.

  • Includes an eBook on creating content that connects with your customers and getting contacts through social media and your website.
  • We’ll lay out the tools, and you’ll put them to good use.
  • Each SharePack is priced to sell and ready within mere days!

Social Media Mix


You’re eager to tap into the power of social media but not sure how to get started.
Plug in the Social Media Mix package to your website and start generating leads online.

  • Get optimized profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Custom Facebook “Like Us” tab and customized profile ad poster.
  • Website “Like” button on your pages.
  • YouTube channel with video tab on Facebook.

Popularity Contest


You feel like you’re missing leads and know you need to tackle the whole SEO thing. Let’s face it, sometimes business is a Popularity Contest, and these tools will help you compete and win.

  • Facebook comments integration on your website amplify the conversation exponentially.
  • Two hours of personalized consulting.
  • Google Places listing setup and optimization is a critical factor in local search placement.
  • We’ll run a six-point search-ranking review and update plan on your website.
  • Analytics installation will track and report on site traffic.
  • Contact form landing page sends notification with each new submission.

Design Makeover

The Drive-Thru


  • Phone consult
  • Industry-specific template
  • 4 hrs design work to customize it to your brand
  • Implement on your site, up to 6 pages

The Sit-Down


  • In-person consult, up to 3 hrs
  • Custom design development specific to your company
  • 1 design concept, up to 2 revisions
  • Implement on your site, up to 10 pages



Step up to Blogging. Tell your story and share project successes and client testimonials to get new leads.

We’ll convert your existing website design (or implement your SharePack “Design Makeover”) to a WordPress site, including migrating existing content (up to 10 pages) to the new site.

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October 19, 2012

I found a link on Twitter Thursday night to an article “Mobile Apps Must Die.” Something in me secretly hates mobile apps, so I clicked over to give it a read. It’s worthwhile and written by Scott Jenson, an original member of Apple’s UI (User Interface) group back in the 80s. Jenson’s main point is
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October 18, 2012

Many companies are trying to figure out how to get started with Internet marketing. Internet marketing in Youngstown is no different from anywhere else, thanks to the Web’s global reach. Consider, though, that area companies seem still to be lagging online compared to elsewhere, so committing to a budget for online marketing could put you
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October 11, 2012

Today’s increasingly mobile-tethered population presents a business challenge: how do you create a strategy that puts content in the right place at the right time and in the right format? Part of the challenge is just keeping up with the slew of developments of the last fifteen years. Many small businesses are just now getting
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